Udon is a traditional meal that has been enjoyed for centuries in Japan (thick wheat flour noodles). pequeñITO provides hand made Udon from scratch, which can be eaten either cold or hot*. Apart from traditional recipes like Yakiudon and Napolitan Udon (instead of using spaghetti), pequeñITO offers new trendy salad Udon and a Vietnamese fusion dish Chicken Udon with the original broth (solely rice noodles pho replaced by Udon).

Udon pho styleChicken Udon Vietnamese style for those who love a light savory broth combined with the flavors of cilantro and lemon, or simply “happiness in a bowl” that is eaten hot*. (Shown as the classy course version)

Price: UYU 360**

Napolitan Udon

Napolitan was originally a Western fusion pasta dish originated in Yokohama in 1927, but is offered now with hot* Udon as well as Napolitan Udon : Contains bell pepper, ham, cheese and napolitan sauce. (Shown as the classy course version)

Price: UYU 360**

salad udonAs a popular light, healthy version pequeñITO offers cold Salad Udon with salad greens, tomatoes and sesame dressing. (Shown as the classy course version)
ライトな感覚でヘルシーなうどんとしてpequeñITO (ペケニート)サラダうどんも取り揃えています。グリーンサラダ、トマト、胡麻ドレッシングが入った冷たいメニューです。(写真はご家庭向けあるいは特段違ったイベント会場でのケータリング向けに陶磁器の器を使用しています。)

 Price: UYU 340**

fried chicken udonYaki Udon (fried Udon) are served hot* with seasonable vegetables and chicken in a soy based sauce, truly a mouthwatering delight. (Shown as the casual version)

Price: UYU 360**

* hot: meaning warm, not spicy
** price does not include delivery, 4 dishes catering minimum

** 料金にはデリバリー料金は含まれていません。また、ケータリングは4品から承ります。

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