Udon Making Course

Have you ever wanted to make authentic Japanese noodles on your own? pequeñITO offers a hands on experience that allows you to make and eat your own Udon. We introduce you to the secrets of a centuries old Udon manufacturing method and you can use all the necessary traditional tools from us.
本物の日本スタイルの麺をご自身で手作りしたいと思ったことはありませんか?pequeñITO (ペケニート)では皆様ご自身でうどんを作っていただき、召し上がっていただくという体験も取り揃えています。この体験では、長い間秘伝とされているようなうどん作りのこつも紹介させていただきます。必要になる伝統的な調理器具は全て取り揃えていますので、お気軽にご参加ください。


first step of making udonThe ingredients for creating Udon are very simple: Flour, water and salt, but the secret lies in the proper way of kneading with hands and even your feet to get to a lovely smooth dough.

udon doughAfter the dough has rested for a certain period several times and with further kneading the dough is ready to be cut into Udon.

For those interested, during the resting time pequeñITO can either introduce you to the history and dishes of Udon in Japan or together the ingredients for the Udon can be prepared in advance.

cutting udon The final product  – the hand cut Udon – is ready to be boiled in water to get the right chewiness and then just add your favorite ingredients.


fresh hand cut udon

The whole process takes about 4-5 hours for all the steps and resting periods for the dough. At the end of the Udon Hands On Session the self made noodles can be eaten together at the event location or if preferred, taken home for later consumption.



pequeñITO can offer this Udon experience at our site, your home or any event location. Feel free to contact pequeñITO to find out more or let us know any questions that you might have.

Location: at pequeñITO in Punta Carretas or at your location
Participants: 2  people
Time: You set the day and time, we will do our best to adjust to your request.
Price: UYU 1500 per Person

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