Poké Ball Onigiri

pequeñITO would like to support all the busy Pokémon Go players with the perfect snack on the go: Poké Ball Onigiri! It is a delicious meal giving lots of energy for the continued hunt for the wild Pokémon.

Pokémon Ball OnigiriAn Onigiri is a typical Japanese snack consistent of a flavorful rice ball with filling. The Poké Ball Onigiri set is made of 3 yummy balls prepared with Ketchup and White Rice, Nori (seaweed), Cheese as decoration, plus each one is filled with a different flavor like Tuna-Mayonnaise, Teriyaki Chicken and White Fish Curry.

pequeñITO is offering these onigiri ONLY for take out with advance reservation.

Onigiri: 3 Poké Ball Onigiri with three different flavors
Price: UYU 370
Reservation: at the restaurant or contact by email (pequenito.uy@gmail), phone 092 10 2727 (English, German, limited Spanish), 092 11 2727 (Japanese, English), or Facebook messenger.

We will do our best to accommodate your requested time. Let us know in case of any questions or concerns.

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