Miso Soup

No Japanese meal is complete without having a hot Miso Soup. Most Japanese start their meal with a sip of this healthy soup, plus actually wetting their chopsticks in the Miso Soup to allow easier eating of rice. pequeñITO offers three traditional styles.

tofu miso Traditional Miso Soup with seaweed and tofu (shown as the casual version)

Price: UYU 100*


Wakame Miso Soup Healthy Miso Soup with seaweed (shown as the classy course version)

Price: UYU 100*




Tonjiru with chickenDown To Earth Tonjiru with lots of seasonal vegetables and potato with either chicken or pork (shown as the casual version)
お袋の味 とん汁(ポテトと季節の野菜がたくさん入った具たくさんとん汁、ライト感覚なとり汁もあります) 

Price: UYU 140*

*price does not include delivery, 4 dishes catering minimum


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