Japanese Sweets

Isn’t there always some space left for some sweets? pequeñITO brings traditional and fusion desserts to Uruguay.

Coffee Jelly Coffee Jelly With Cream as a light, healthy version (shown as the classy course version)


Price: UYU 110*


Thai Tea Jelly
Thai Tea Jelly With Cream
as a sweet, light dessert (shown as the classy course version)


Price: UYU 100*


soy-milk pudding Soy-milk Pudding with Fig Marmalade topping creates a light, but at the same time creamy and healthy dessert choice (shown as the classy course version)


Price: UYU 115*

Green Tea MushipanJapanese Mushipan
– Japanese steamed cake – with an Uruguayan twist: Available in either Macha (powdered green Tea), Vanilla, Marbled Chocolate or Dulce De Leche (shown as the classy course version)


Price: UYU 115*

*price does not include delivery, 4 dishes catering minimum


If you see parts of this website containing wired characters, please make sure that you have the Japanese font installed to see all of it. Thank you for your understanding.