Japanese Knives Session

Do you have a Japanese knife, but you don’t know how to use it properly or how to maintain it? Have you ever learned how to properly sharpen a Japanese knife with a sharpening stone? Or are you a Japanese knife lover and want to know more about Japanese knives? Kazuo ITO from pequeñITO can teach you the theory and give you hands on practice about Japanese knives.
和包丁はお持ちでしょうか?持ってはいるけど使い方はあまり分からない。あるいはどうやってコンディションを維持させればよいのか分からない。砥石を使って正しく和包丁を研いだことはありますか?和包丁はお好きですか?もっと和包丁について知りたいですか?pequeñITO (ペケニート)の伊藤和男が理論と実技を用いて和包丁の取り扱い方をお教えいたします。

Japanese knives

In the 2 1/2 hour session you learn:

  • what types of Japanese knives exists (Wabouchou) and which knife is used for which product to cut
  • learn how to distinguish the difference between a Japanese and a Western style knife
  • why is the cut of a Japanese knife different to a Western style knife
  • advantages and disadvantages of the different materials used for Japanese knives
  • how to choose a good quality Japanese knife
  • how to clean, maintain and sharpen your knife properly (bring your own knife/sharpening stone and we will take care of it together)
  • 和包丁の種類と用途別使用例
  • 和包丁と洋包丁の見分け方
  • 和包丁の切り口はなぜ洋包丁の切り口と違うのか
  • 和包丁に使われる色々な鋼材の長所と短所
  • 品質の高い和包丁の選び方
  • 和包丁の洗い方、良いコンディションの保ち方、正しい研ぎ方(もしお持ちでしたら包丁と砥石をお持ちください。セッションにて実技を行い、良いコンディションでお持ち帰りいただけます。)

By the end of the course you will understand the differences of the blades shown below, plus which one is actually a true Japanese knife.
blade differences

Additionally you learn how to take care of your precious knife. An example of a traditional style knife that had been in use from time to time, but had not been properly maintained and showed some rusts.
rust treatment

pequeñITO can offer this knife course at our site, your home or any event location. Feel free to contact pequeñITO to find out more or let us know any questions that you might have.

Location: at pequeñITO in Punta Carretas or at your location
Participants: 1-2  people
Time: You set the day and time, we will do our best to adjust to your request.
Price: UYU 1800 per Person

Let us know in case of any questions or concerns.

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