Japanese knife cutting techniques

Do you know the different cutting styles used for Japanese cuisine? Struggling to get the same flavors and looks for your Japanese dishes made at home? An important aspect of Japanese dishes is how the ingredients and the vegetables are cut. Using the wrong cut or technique has direct effects on the flavor and appearance of a dish.


The 2 1/2 hour course pequeñITO covers:

  • Understanding the basic difference of Japanese knives and Western knives and why there is a difference in taste after the cut
  • Basic overview of what type of Japanese knives are used for which ingredients.
  • How to hold the Japanese knife for each cut
  • Explanation of the most common Japanese cuts and typical use for which type of Japanese dish, Kaz shows each type of cut and helps each participant during the training to get it right

This course does not cover the details of the diverse Japanese knives, its distinct different material used for the blade and how to select the most suitable Japanese knife for private or professional use. Further the topic of Japanese knife maintenance and sharpening is not covered in this course, because all these topics are covered by the Japanese Knife session.

Location: at pequeñITO or pequeñITO‘s home in Punta Carretas (same location as the closed door restaurant before)
Participants: 2-6 people
Requirement: Necessary to bring your own knife and cutting board. Preferred a sharp Japanese vegetable knife.
Time: February 5th to 20th ONLY, late morning or late afternoon (preferred), contact us with your preferred day and time.
Price: UYU 1800 per Person

Feel free to get back to us in case of any questions or concern.

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