Japanese home cooking

If you love Japanese home cooking, this course is for you! In a group with maximum 4 people, so that you truly can learn the details hands on, the Japan trained cooks from pequeñITO show you how to make a typical home cooked meal from scratch. Of course at the end you can eat your own creation. All the dishes are made with ingredients available in Uruguay or where necessary we make it from scratch.


The 3 1/2 hour course pequeñITO covers:

  • Pickles: How to make typical home made Japanese pickles.
  • Gyoza: You learn how to make the gyoza wrappers from scratch, the veggie/meat filling and how to fold the dumplings Japanese style.
  • Tamagoyaki: How to make typical Japanese egg roll.
  • Rice: How to wash, treat and cook the rice so it has the same flavors and consitency like in Japan.
  • Shogayaki: A typical home cooked ginger, pork meat dish is made together from scratch.

The course includes the recipes and the full meal.

Location: at pequeñITO‘s home in Punta Carretas (same location as the closed door restaurant before)
Participants: 2-3 people
Time: You set the day and time, we do our best to adjust.
Price: UYU 2000 per Person

Feel free to get back to us in case of any questions or concern.

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