Introduction to Japanese cuisine: How to cook truly Japanese

Do you want to know how to create at home truly authentic Japanese flavors? We have been asked to provide some introduction to Japanese cooking, because many had been disappoint-ed about not being able to re-create the same flavors, the presentation and the sensation in your mouth like in Japan or at an authentic Japanese restaurant.


In a three hour course pequeñITO covers the following topics:

  • The key of Japanese cooking is Umami, but what is it, how to create it with natural ingredients, plus tasting of the difference, including the recipe for authentic Miso Soup with locally available ingredients
  • Basic tools, techniques for home use: Showing and explaining the typical tools used only in Japanese cuisine. What do you really need to cook Japanese? Why is there a difference in flavor when you cut with a Japanese knife instead of Western type knife? Taste the difference with vegetables, plus learn how to cut veggies the Japanese style.
  • The Japanese rule of 5: The colors of a dish, different flavors and consistency. Learn to understand the thought process behind a planning meal.
  • Japanese table manners: What to do and what to avoid
  • Enjoy a typical Japanese home cooked meal with all the gained knowledge above

The course includes a detailed content, recipes for trying at home and a full meal.

Location: at pequeñITO in Punta Carretas or at your location
Participants: 2-6 people
Time: You set the day and time, we will do our best to adjust to your request.
Price: UYU 1800 per Person

Feel free to get back to us in case of any questions or concern.

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