Although Curry did not originate in Japan, these days everyone in Japan eats at least once a week curry. pequeñITO offers authentic Japanese Curry in a mild or spicy version. The choice is yours! Wouldn’t you like to  warm up with it on a cold winter day?

pequeñITO offers curry with either Udon or Rice (price is the same for Udon and Rice option, as well for spicy or mild version):

Vegetarian Curry With Only Vegetables (spicy or mild)                  Price: UYU 410*
野菜カレー (辛口あるいはマイルド)

Vegetable With Chicken Curry (spicy or mild)                                     Price: UYU 450*
野菜チキンカレー (辛口あるいはマイルド)

Vegetable With Beef Curry (spicy or mild)                                             Price: UYU 450*
野菜牛肉カレー (辛口あるいはマイルド)

Added seasonal Pickles                                                                                  Price: UYU 60*

Of course pequeñITO provides each curry with the traditional curry pickles Fukujinzuke (vegetable relish for Japanese curry) or the trendy Kohaku Namasu (Red & White Vegetable pickles). An authentic Japanese curry without pickles is just not the same!

Chicken CurrySpicy Japanese Vegetable Chicken Curry Rice With Kohaku Namasu pickles
(shown as the classy version)
日本の辛口野菜チキンカレーライス 紅白なますといっしょに




*price does not include delivery, 4 dishes catering minimum



If you see parts of this website containing wired characters, please make sure that you have the Japanese font installed to see all of it. Thank you for your understanding.