Classy Course Lunch/Dinner

Temari SushiFor your special event the pequeñITO team is dressed in authentic Japanese clothes (kimono, yukata or haori). All the dishes will be served on original Japanese ceramics with the utmost Japanese customer service that you can otherwise only experience in Japan in a five star environment. If desired pequeñITO can provide suitable ikebana decoration and suitable Japanese background music. All combined gives you an unforgettable Japanese experience, normally not available outside of Asia.

The menu details are adjusted to the clients needs. pequeñITO expects to provide at least five courses, when more courses are recommended to get a truly well rounded experience of the wide range of Japanese cuisine.

Inquire with pequeñITO to find out what choices we can provide for you.

If you see parts of this website containing wired characters, please make sure that you have the Japanese font installed to see all of it. Thank you for your understanding.