Casual Food Experience

casual food experienceFor the casual food experience pequeñITO offers an economic price range. The goal is to provide catering services as well for those cases, when priority lies solely on the taste and quality of the dishes, but not on a special presentation, or extra services nor any special Japanese themed surrounding is needed.
お気軽にケータリングを体験してみませんか?pequeñITO (ペケニート)ではお得に体験できる価格帯でのケータリングサービスも取り揃えています。例えば特段の説明やサービス、演出は特に必要なく和食を気軽に味わいたい経験したい、とお考えになられる方々にお勧めです。


Typical take away examples are our previous weekly PICK UP dishes, when we cook them for you again starting from 4 portions. You set the date and time, we cook it for you just in time so that you can enjoy it as it is. Did not find what you are looking for? Inquire with pequeñITO to find out what other choices we can provide for you.

Example list of previous PICK UP menu (just click on the respective menu to see the details with pricing):
Chirashi-Sushi, Yaki-Udon, Ginger Pork on Udon with Pickles,  Arigatou Japanese Curry, Tantanmen Udon with Thai Tea Jelly, Tempura on Rice with Miso Soup, Spinach Corn Udon on tomato broth with Karage,  Japanese Bento with Soy Milk Pudding, Japanese Mild Curry, Nagoya Udon with Macha Pudding, Gyoza Bento with Coffee Jelly, Creamy Curry Beef Udon, Modern Sushi Don, Ito Family Yaki-Udon with Coffee Milk Mushi Pan, Omuraisu with Soup, Natsukashi Bento with Sesame Pudding, Beer Lovers Udon (Chicken Fritters with Tartar Sauce) with Milk Coffee Pudding, Japanese Keema Curry, Halloween Udon with Pumpkin Spice Pudding , Organic Veggie Bento with Thai Tea JellyKakiage Tempura with Orange Carrot Jelly, Izakaya Bento with OtsumamiOyako Don with Apple Yogurt Creme, Suratan with Anin Tofu, Salmon-Don with Matcha Jelly, Teriyaki Chicken Udon Salad with Tapiocca Peach PuddingSanta Claus Bento with Chocolate Mousse, New Years Tempura Udon with Matcha Jelly, Sauteed Shoyu Pork Bento with Peach Creme, Okinawa Champuru with Lime Creme, Summer Veggie Curry with Soymilk PuddingHiyashichuka Ramen with Thai Tea Jelly, Spicy Chicken Bento with Tannat Rose Jelly, Tomato Chicken Udon with Peach Mushi Pan, Pork Onion Bento with Earl Grey Tea Pudding, healthy Tsukemen Ramen with Plum Cream, Okinawa style Bento with Asian Chocolate Cream,  Obachan Yakiudon with Chichi Dango, Niku Sushi with Pear Cream, Shabushabu Ramen with Sweet Potato Cream, Veggie Bento with Soy Milk Pudding, Nagoya Ramen with Coffee Milk Pudding, Japanese Hamburger with Kinako CreamJapanese Spaghetti with Asian Choco Cream, Seafood & Veggie Chili with Pinapple Cream Coffee Crumble and Teriyaki Chicken with Soft/Short Udon and Pomelo Cream.

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