Udon machine moved to Asianfoods

Today the authentic Japanese Udon machine – the only one that exists in North and South America – moved from pequeñITO to Asianfoods in Montevideo. We are sincerely happy that in the near future you can still enjoy authentic Japanese Udon (Sanuki style), Goto-Udon and Ramen in Uruguay. We wish Miguel Diaz with Asianfoods only the best of luck!

menchan leaving pequenito

And here Menchan is leaving to the new home at Asianfoods (http://asianfood.com.uy/)!

bye Menchan

We wish only the very best to Miguel and the team of Asianfoods! The place in Uruguay for Asian dishes!

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Last Udon Take Out

Dear Friends of pequeñITO,
Buen dia!

you have asked to have a chance to try one final time the favorite dishes from pequeñITO. This week we are offering your favorite Udon dishes: Obaachan Yaki Udon and Karayaki Udon! The same way pequeñITO had started with the take away dishes from our home on 21 de Setiembre almost 2 years ago, we are ending the era of pequeñITO at the same place with the same service.

How does the TAKE OUT work? We have a fixed menu (Obaachan Yaki Udon or Karayaki Udon) with a fixed number of dishes available that can be reserved by you in advance for pick up on February 14-16 from 12:00-22:00. We will take reservation while ingredients last. Have a look at the picture below and the explanation of the dishes.

Menu: Obaachan Yakiudon, Karayaki Udon (Karayaki Udon is SOLD OUT, few Yakiudon left)
Price: UYU 330 for Obaachan Yaki Udon, UYU 350 for Karayaki Udon (both offered as vegetarian dishes as well)
Date: February 14-16th, 12:00-22:00
Location: 21 de Setiembre

Contact for advance reservation: email (pequenito.uy@gmail), phone 092 10 2727 (English, German, limited Spanish), 092 11 2727 (Japanese, English), or Facebook messenger.

When the dishes are sold out we cannot provide it anymore. Only for advance reservation!


If you are interested, please inform us about


Let us know in case of any questions or concerns.

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Closure of pequeñITO

Thank you so much for all your support for pequeñITO for almost 2 years! Arigatou! January 30th was our absolute LAST day we had opened the door as a restaurant. Based on your requests online and in the restaurant, we are thinking of providing one absolute final time some of your favorite dishes of pequeñITO as a take out from our home. We were thinking of Obaachan Yaki Udon, Yakiniku-Don, Karuizawa Curry (with Rice of Goto-Udon) and Amagyu-Don. If you had another dish in mind that you would love to eat one final time, just let us know.

Karuizawa Curry

For your info next few days we are busy with the courses for “Basic Introduction to Japanese Cuisine” (Feb. 1, 2, 3rd), Japanese Cutting techniques (Feb. 6 & 7) and Japanese home cooking (based on your needs, 2 people max. per group).

Thank you so much for all your support!

Sibylle & Kazuo ITO

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New course available: Japanese knife techniques

Based on several requests we have received these days, we will be offering from February 5th to 20th, based on your availability a new course: Japanese knife techniques. It will be held for those who want to learn the typical Japanese cuts absolutely necessary for any dishes related to Japanese cuisine.


Feel free to contact us in case of any further questions in regard to this new course.

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The final countdown has started!

The final business week has started for pequeñITO. Thank you so much for all your support -especially in January – when we had been booked until our final days for weeks in advance. For those who could not get a table, nor on the waiting list for cancelations, note you can still inform us at least 24 hours in advance for TAKE OUT. Just send us a message and we will have everything ready in time at the restaurant for your pick up.

Recommended dishes for TAKE OUT: Karuizawa Curry, Yakiniku-Don, Obaachan Yaki Udon, Shogayaki, Amagyu-Don and Gyoza, plus for the dessert Matcha Coconuts pudding or Lime dessert.

Yaki Niku Don

All your support has made truly a difference for pequeñITO. Thank you so much!

Sibylle & Kazuo ITO

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Last opportunity for course: Basics of Japanese Cuisine

Over and over again we get the question again if it is really true, so let us confirm again:

Yes, January 30th is the last business day for pequeñITO.
Yes, we are completely booked and the waiting list is now up to 30 groups.
Yes, the sickness of Sibylle’s parents is the reason for shutting down and moving to Switzerland.

On the other hand, we have good news a well. February 1 and 2 from 18:30 (Feb. 3 fully booked) we will have for the absolute last time the course “Introduction to Japanese Cuisine”. For those interested, send us an email or contact us under this link.

Thank you for your understanding and our apology for all the inconvenience caused.

Sibylle & Kazuo ITO

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