Japanese Summer dishes!

When you think of the heat of Japanese summers, what dishes comes to your mind? Most likely you will think about cold Udon with flavorful light dressing, bukkake style (small amount of sauce over Udon) or then Tsukemen (cold noodles to be dipped into warm, umami rich broth). Which Japanese summer dish do you miss in Uruguay? pequeñITO has been offering with the start of the warm temperatures the Natsu Udon (“natsu” means summer in Japanese, picture below), when the combination of the Udon with the sesame dressing and the veggies are beloved.

natsu udon

In the next few days we will be adding Goto-Udon – the thinner Udon from Goshima island in Kyushu in the South of Japan – to our menu in the perfect style to eat noodles in the summer: Tsukemen (dipping sauce served separate for the Udon to be slurped together). Goto-Udon are a style thinner Udon and therefore allowing more sauce to cling to the noodles making it a wonderful summer delight. Normally the Udon tsukemen style are eaten cold with a warm, but not hot dipping sauce.


For sure we are ready for the real, hot summer heat to come in Uruguay. Additionally we have good news for Udon and Curry lovers. We can highly recommend the Karuzawa Curry with lots of veggies being served over the thin Goto-Udon (not the traditional Sanuki Udon), because it will allow you a good mix of the curry with the Udon. Just inquire the next time you are visiting pequeñITO and we can serve the perfect summer Udon for you!

Karuizawa Curry with Goto-Udon

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