Now Izakaya dishes at your home

We got several requests at pequeñITO to provide the Izakaya dishes on Wednesday as a take out option as well. We had provided some options last Wednesday and realized that we should make it available for everyone.


What to do: Select from our Izakaya menu the dishes (dessert is available too) and send us an email ( or call at 092 10 2727 in advance and we will have everything ready for you for the pick up on Wednesday. Now you can have your own special Izakaya night at home alone or with your beloved ones. Our recommendation for the beer is the Montevideo Brewhouse Kölsch or for a stronger flavor the Bimba Brüder Scottish Ale. In regard of wine our preference is a rose or red wine.

Don’t forget to say “kanpai” when you start drinking and “itadakimasu”, when you start eating.

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