Last week of Creamy Curry Udon

For those who have not yet tried the Creamy Curry Udon from Iidabashi Tokyo or want to have it again, your last opportunity is this week. The Creamy Curry has been beloved for its many flavors that caused some to come more than once. It is available in the veggie version with lots of corn, carrots, beans and sweet potatoe (as shown below) or the beef version.

Creamy Veggie Curry Udon

pequeñITO will be changing from Monday September 5th to a medium spicy to spicy Veggie Curry. Based on the feedback online or at the restaurant, many are yearning for the most common Japanese curry: A medium to spicy veggie curry with rice. Below’s picture shows the delicacy. Note it will be a curry again with maximum 4 portions per day. Of course you can secure your bowl with your reservation.

veggie curry

Whether it is for the Curry Udon or the Veggie Rice Udon pequeñITO is looking forward to serving you the same dishes and flavors like in Japan. Why get on a plane, when you can have the same within Uruguay?

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