Nostalgic week at pequeñITO

Do you remember the time when pequeñITO was still a closed door restaurant and offering twice a week a take out menu? From Monday 22 August to Sunday 28th (with the exemption of Tuesday our day off) we are going down the memory line and offering our big seller: Japanese Curry as a Take Out dish. The most typical Japanese curry is available with Rice in a spicy or mild version. In order to celebrate the event we are offering a special 10% discount:

Japanese curry with seasonal pickles

          Vegetarian Curry With Only Vegetables (spicy or mild)                Price: UYU 410
      野菜カレー (辛口あるいはマイルド)

Vegetable With Beef Curry (spicy or mild)                                          Price: UYU 450
野菜牛肉カレー (辛口あるいはマイルド)

Added seasonal Pickles                                                                          Price: UYU 60

         Anin Tofu (dessert)                                                                                           Price: UYU 130

Anin Tofu

Of course pequeñITO provides each curry based on request with the seasonal suitable pickles. An authentic Japanese curry without pickles is just not the same! Suitable for the curry dish, we are offering your favorite sweet again: Anin Tofu! The creamy pudding with almond flavor (the consistency reminds to the word tofu, no actual tofu inside).

Like in the past send us an email (, call us (092 10 2727) or send a message on WhatsApp. We are looking forward to get your dishes ready for the agreed time like in the past. Note this time the pick up is at the restaurant and not at 21 de Setiembre.

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