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pequeñITO gets frequently asked whether we continue with PICK UP service or have delivery planned. To make a long story short: We have no delivery planned in the near future. The focus is on the guests, who take the time to make a reservation and providing high quality, healthy food with Japanese style customer service.

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Of course we always welcome you to just drop by at the restaurant, but if we are full with reservations or the kitchen is at full capacity at the moment and we cannot serve you within 30 minutes something warm, we have to ask you to come another time. Every guest coming to pequeñITO deserves high quality customer service.

In regard to PICK UP (or take away) we see two options: Call us 30 minutes in advance and we let you know, if we can prepare the Tomato Corn Udon, Obaachan Ojiya, Shogayaki, Amagyu-Don, Tori-Don or the Keema Curry (only if still available) in time. The other option with a much wider menu: Give us at least 24 hours in advance notice and we prepare you 4 portions of the same of the previous PICK UP menu for your preferred time and day. Of course we will confirm with you the details by email or on the phone, so that we can avoid any possible misunderstanding.

Let us know in case of any questions or concerns.

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