PICK UP menu for April 29th: Japanese spaghetti with Asian Choco Cream

Dear Friends of pequeñITO,
Konnichi wa!
Buen dia!

our apology during the remodeling of the restaurant we have to focus on only one PICK UP day per week.

This week we are fulfilling a customer request again: Japanese style spaghetti. Although some of the ingredients are the same like with typical Italian spaghetti, you will be amazed about the wonderful clearly different flavors of Japanese spaghetti. pequeñITO has chosen a popular menu item from Goemon (restaurant established in 1973 focusing on Japanese Spaghetti). Bacon is sautéed with green bell pepper, onion and beans, combined with Japanese style Genovese sauce, all topped with cured ham and parmesan. For sure you will be surprised about the bursts of flavors in your mouth!
Considering the bolder flavors of the main dish, we recommend Asian style Choco Cream as the perfect combination. We guarantee you that you will yearn for more!

How does the PICK UP work? We have a fixed menu (Japanese Spaghetti with Asian Choco Cream) with a fixed number of dishes available that can be reserved by you in advance for pick up on April 29 from 12:00-22:00. Have a look at the picture below and the details.

Menu: Japanese Spaghetti with Asian Choco Cream
Price: UYU 370 for Spaghetti, Dessert UYU 140
Date: April 29 12:00-22:00
Location: 21 de Setiembre 
Contact for advance reservation: email (pequenito.uy@gmail), phone 092 10 2727 (English, German, limited Spanish), 092 11 2727 (Japanese, English), or Facebook messenger

When the dishes are sold out we cannot provide it anymore. Only for advance reservation!

Japanese Spaghetti with Asian Choco cream pick up April 2016

If you are interested, please inform us about


Let us know in case of any questions or concerns.

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