Crowd funding with Makuake in Japan has started

Yesterday morning the start of the crowd funding for pequeñITO took place. Makuake as the largest Japanese online crowd funding site was chosen, because we believe the desire to promote authentic Japanese cuisine around the whole world is the strongest in Japan. We are happy to say that by now 6 people have already supported us.

crowdfunding day 2

Of course all the text is in Japanese on the website, but we believe you still can enjoy the pictures and the amazing video that was specially made for us for this project by AsVisuales. Click here or below to see more including all the pictures.

The reason why we have decided to start with crowd funding is that we want to make sure that we can provide in the long run the same quality and service at our soon to be open restaurant as our present “restaurante puerta cerrada” directly out of our home. Because the market entry and the search for the right location for our restaurant took much more time than planned, our savings have become limited. You can find more details in an earlier post. If you would like to support us, but cannot apply through our crowd funding project, the best way for us is if you either come to our PICK UP or ask for a day and time for EAT IN. Our most popular EAT IN menus for our frequent guests are Tour de Japan (7 course menu with dishes from different regions) and the Tempura Delight (Light Japanese style Tempura combined with Yuzu salt).

Thank you so much for all your support!

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