Thank you TV Tokyo for coming back!

Who thought that the crew of TV Tokyo would be coming back for even more shooting! pequeñITO had for sure an interesting and busy day yesterday with the “dream team” of TV Tokyo. It was such an honor for us to experience so many actions and interviews. Thank you for coming and shooting us in the best light. Now we can only hope we make the final selection and pequeñITO is actually shown on TV.

TV Tokyo

New scenes in regard to our activities were shot and we even got to invite four extras, who came for lunch. Thank you so much Andrés, Aytac, Magela and Micaela for coming! For this special event we had served a new menu:

Niku & Veggie Sushi (Cured Ham, Chive and Shiitake/Sweet Potato sushi)
Summer Udon with Miso Minced Meat and Cucumbers
Kinako Cream (Kinako: toasted soy bean powder)

For those curious, who want to try the same dishes, just let us know and we can make it for you too. pequeñITO is happy to say that our actual clients posing this time as extras really loved the dishes.

TV Tokyo lunch

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we are truly selected and will be shown on the Japanese TV program in the near future. No details are not known to us at the moment. Of course as soon as we know more about the expected next steps for pequeñITO, updates will be posted here.

DSC09704 adjusted

A big thank you for your time, patience and support goes to the team of TV Tokyo, Luciana and of course our extras: Andrés, Aytac, Magela and Micaela! Without you all this dream potentially coming true would not have happened!

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