TV Tokyo director Shoji san at pequeñITO

Teaching how to make Udon by hand, can make a huge difference not only for us, but as well for our students. We truly enjoy to share our love for this special Japanese noodle. It is wonderful to see the excitement that with the simple ingredients of flour, salt and water and the right technique developed over several hundred years, such a delicacy can be created. One of our early students had applied for the participation at a famous TV program in Tokyo. She caught the interest of the director Shoji san and during the last few days, the TV Tokyo team was shooting in Montevideo.

TV Tokyo director Shoji san with pequeñITO

We would like to thank the Udon student – Luciana Tejera – not only for sharing the love for this special Japanese noodles, but as well giving us a unique opportunity to introduce pequeñITO to the viewership in Japan. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope that Luciana and our part in regard to the Sunday evening program “世界!ニッポン行きたい人グランプリ” will get the final approval. If everything goes smooth, our Udon student will be even flown in to Japan for the TV show. Furthermore, we never, ever dreamed to meet or even invite the director Shoji san to our home. We had never expected that pequeñITO is interviewed by such a famous TV director. Thank you so much for coming and creating a truly unforgettable experience for us!
A big thanks goes to Joaquín Osimani as well, because truly in last minute he came to our rescue, when we had been asked by TV Tokyo to provide for an extra person to be filmed as a participant. He was truly an excellent attentive Udon student!
As soon as we know more details about when the program will be shown, you will hear the details from us!

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