PICK UP menu: Pork Onion Bento with Earl Grey tea pudding for February 24 & 26

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The summer heat is continuing! With Kaz’s return we bring this week Pork Onion Bento one of his favorite summer dishes; lots of flavors, healthy, bringing back energy to the body. Pork is commonly eaten in Japan to overcome the summer heat, when it is combined this week with onion in a tomato based umami rich sauce. A light tomato salad with a typical Japanese potato salad with lots of cucumber and carrots added, provides a good balance all together with white steamed rice. We recommend to eat it cold, when the meat and the rice can be eaten hot if desired.
Earl Grey Tea based desserts have been popular at high class tea or coffee shops in Japan. The mild distinct flavor is wonderful in the hot weather, especially as a pudding. Eaten very cold it is the perfect ending of a meal.

How does the PICK UP work? We have a fixed menu (Pork Onion Bento with Earl Grey Tea Pudding) with a fixed number of dishes available that can be reserved by you in advance for pick up on February 24 & 26 from 12:00-22:00. Have a look at the picture below with the details.

Menu: Pork Onion Bento with Earl Grey Tea Pudding
Price: UYU 350 for Bento, Dessert UYU 100
Date: February 24 & 26 (SOLD OUT for Friday) 12:00-22:00
Location: 21 de Setiembre
Contact for advance reservation: email (pequenito.uy@gmail ), phone 092 10 2727 (English, German, limited Spanish), 092 11 2727 (Japanese, English), or Facebook messenger

When the dishes are sold out we cannot provide it anymore. Only for advance reservation!

Pork Onion Bento with Dessert pick up February 2016

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Let us know in case of any questions or concerns.

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