Working on an organic Japanese vegetable menu

pequeñITO was introduced to a smaller private grower that loves as much as we do Japanese vegetables, plus at the same time sets top priority on quality and organic farming. Since last week we have cooked several dishes with the freshly harvested vegetables. The vegetables tasted as good as they looked!

organic veggies

Soon we will be introducing a new organic vegetable based menu – Yasai Omakase – so that you can enjoy Japanese cuisine made from the best vegetables available. Yasai means in Japanese vegetables and Omakase allows the Japanese cook to make the decision on how ingredients will be cooked to taste at its best. Our first tests included amazing delicious Hakusai (Nappa Cabbage) with Kanikama Ankake, Soramame (Fava Beans) with steamed rice and grilled Soramame. Further the pickles from the Hakusai and Daikon were truly delicous. Bukkake Udon with fresh Daikon tasted exactly the same like in Japan. The Yasai Omakase Menu will be served only as an EAT IN.

omakase yasai

Looking at the place where the vegetables are grown it is not surprising that the taste is so wonderful. Are there any authentic Japanese dishes that you miss? Just let us know and we will try to find a way to get it for you and cook it for you during an EAT IN. Soon we expect to serve as well Edamame (steamed soy beans).


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