What to expect at pequeñITO’s EAT IN

If you are wondering what to expect at an EAT IN at pequeñITO below is an overview of the common questions we have received.

I never had Japanese food. What menu do you recommend?
If you are curious to try a wide variety of authentic dishes, we recommend you the “Tour de Japan” with 7 courses representing several regions in Japan. On the other hand, if you prefer to start with something smaller, why not “Fuyu Nabe“? The flavors are most likely different to anything you had so far, but you will be surprised how good Japanese comfort food is.

There are several menus, but what is the difference?
We basically separate between two types of cooking: Home cooking and Japanese cuisine. A good example of home cooking is Nabe, Japanese style hot pot usually eaten with family or friends. We combine it with appetizer, sushi and dessert. We presently have the “Fuyu Nabe” and the “Haru Nabe“. Along the same lines we offer a Vegan Nabe as well.
In the case of our Brunch and “Tour de Japan” these are examples of authentic Japanese cuisine. This type of cooking you would expect to find in a traditional Japanese hotel called Ryokan for breakfast or then in a classy restaurant in Japan for lunch or dinner.

Do you serve Japanese fusion dishes?
Normally we do not offer Japanese fusion cuisine on our menu. If we are offering something that cannot be considered truly authentic, we point it out clearly in the description. If you are not sure, feel free to ask.

I like Japanese food I had in the US, Europe or other places outside of Japan. Will the food taste the same at pequeñITO?
Most likely not. Our focus is to cook and experiment with local Uruguayan ingredients so long until the flavors and taste of our dishes cannot be really distinguished from Japanese cuisine in Japan. Even though we are in Montevideo, we want you to feel as if you were actually in Japan.

How many people can come at the same time?
We cook from 2 to 5 people. You can choose from our set menu or if you find something from our PICK UP menu or pequeñITO‘s catering menu that you would like to eat, just contact us. You did not find it in the menu, just give us a call or write an email.

When can I come?
Contact us with your preferred day and time (brunch, lunch or dinner), and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. Note that we work based on first come, first serve and it is possible that we are already booked with another party.
In addition from time to time we offer a friends party with a fixed date, when you can join as one person and do not have to worry about bringing someone along.

Is it spicy?
If we are cooking with spices like curry, pequeñITO adds information on how spicy it is. But in general Japanese food is not spicy. If you are looking for truly spicy food, wait for a few days, because we are in the making of special time limited menu.
children kimono

Let us know in case of any questions or concerns.

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