Answering your questions: Japanese food in Montevideo

Thank you so much for all the questions we have received from you! pequeñITO enjoys the communication with you. Below is the list with the most recent questions from you plus our  answers. Keep the questions coming in, as promised we will always answer them honestly.

I cannot find any fish sushi in the menu of pequeñITO. Why?

We are still in the process of searching for the right fisherman that will provide alive – yes, not killed/dead – fish for pequeñITO. The quality of sushi depends on how the fish was killed. In Japan there is a traditional method of treating the fish (Ikijime or Ikejime) that has a deep impact on the taste of the fish. Because pequeñITO offers only authentic food, the fish needs to be killed the Japanese way. As you know in Uruguay this practice is not commonly known nor practiced, as a Sushi Master Kazuo prefers as a first step to do all the preparation of the fish by himself. In the future in case a fisherman is interested, Kazuo can teach the proper procedure.

Where is your restaurant?

Presently we are working from our home. For those who want to have the restaurant experience, we open with the EAT IN our home for 2-5 guests at one time. We live in Punta Carretas on 21 de Setiembre. The details of our home address is provided to those who come to our EAT IN or PICK UP our weekly dish.

When will you have a restaurant?

Most likely in one or two months we will start with the search for the right location. Before that we need a bit more market feedback on what our clients prefer to eat. pequeñITO offers only authentic cuisine and desires to understand better which dishes are preferred by the local Uruguayan, expat or Japan related clients.
For sure we will keep you posted when we are start looking for a location and when we have found the right pequeñITO size for our place.

Can you come to my home to do cook for us?

No problem! If we cook from 4 to 10 people, we can even bring our original Japanese table ware. In case up 20 people we would then focus on serving in traditional Japanese Bentos.

I am not living in Montevideo, but I am interested in catering. Can you come to Punta del Este?

Of course! We need to be expensed for the travel costs. Most likely the menu is limited because we can only bring a certain amount of cooking tools with us. Preferably we use then your tableware. Just let us know what you have in mind and we try to find a solution to cook your favorite Japanese dishes.

Can you cook my favorite Japanese dish as the PICK UP menu?

Actually we are doing this already from time to time. We did it in the past a few times, plus in two weeks time we will cook a vegan dish as desired. Keep your requests coming in and we will try to make your dream come true.

I am vegan. Do you have some authentic Japanese food for me?

Although recent  trends in Japanese cuisine has not focused much on vegan food, we have a selection of dishes that are truly vegan. No meat, fish, seafood or egg based products are used so that you can safely eat our dishes.

Do you use any MSG?

Of course not. Proper Japanese food does not contain any MSG. Umami is an important part of the flavors of Japanese cuisine and it comes solely from natural ingredients.

Can you make whole wheat Udon for me?

This is not really possible, because generally the flour in Uruguay contains a rather low protein content. If this protein content is lowered further due to whole wheat the Udon break too easily, the consistency is too soft and it does not taste good at all.

From where do you get the ingredients?

Whenever possible we want to focus on local ingredients. We want to keep the amount of imported products to a minimum. Only in those cases where we cannot find a suitable local product or substitute we use imported goods. pequeñITO has the policy of supporting local produced high quality products, local craftsmanship and keeping waste to an absolute minimum.

What kind of clients does pequeñITO have?

We have sincerely an interesting mix: One third is Japanese or from Japanese descendant, one third is expats  and one third is Uruguayans. Either our clients know how authentic Japanese food tastes and that is why they are coming back, or first timers who want to enjoy real Japanese food to explore new flavors.

Do really people come to your home for an EAT IN?!?

Oh, yes! Many enjoy the experience of being at somebody’s home compared to going to a restaurant, because the service is much more personalized. It can be either for lunch or dinner. We had clients coming in for birthday parties to simple dinners.

If your question has not been answered, let us know. Don’t be afraid and keep the questions coming.

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