Pick up menu (your selection): Tempura with Miso Soup and Corn Spinach Udon with Karage August 12&16

Dear Friends of pequeñITO,
Buen dia!

The results are in from the poll and you made the decision about what you want pequeñITO to cook this week. With 25% of the choices Tempura came in as the winner, followed by 20% percent are two Udon dishes: Corn Spinach Udon with Karage and Yaki Udon. Because there were clear three top runner and we want to respect your choices, we will cook all three choices. This week we cook Tempura and Corn Spinach Udon, then the following week Tempura and Yaki Udon.

Tempura: We prepare a mix of vegetable and fish Tempura on rice. Our Sushi Master will select for you the best fish of the day, making sure that you can be impressed by the wonderful, but not fishy flavors of the fish. Because the temperatures are decreasing again, we combine the Vegetable Fish Tempura on Rice with a healthy Wakame Miso (Seaweed) to keep your body warm. Why don’t you do something good for your body?

Corn Spinach Udon: You the choice of a vegan dish (no egg, no fish and no meat) or add to it a very popular Japanese chicken dish. Hand made Udon topped with Spinach and Corn in a flavorful tomato sauce, a mix to warm up your body and soul. Additionally we have Karage a beloved ginger, soy sauce, rice flour marinated fried Chicken dish. It is best eaten with some lemon juice sprinkled on it.

Note the PICK UP for Tempura is on August 12 and for Udon on August 16th. Next week will offer Tempura and the Yaki Udon combination.

How does the PICK UP work? We have a fixed menu (Vegetable & Fish Tempura plus Miso Soup, then Spinach Corn Udon plus Karage Chicken) with a fixed number of dishes available that can be reserved by you in advance for pick up on August 12 or 16 from 12:00-15:00 and 19:00-21:00. Have a look at the attached file then you can see the picture and the details.

Menu: Vegetable and Fish Tempura on Rice & Miso Soup
Price: UYU 350 for Tempura, UYU 90 for Wakame Miso Soup
Date: August 12 12:00-15:00 and 19:00-21:00

Menu: Spinach Corn Udon on Tomato Sauce & Karage Chicken
Price: UYU 240 for Udon, UYU 190 for Karage Chicken
Date: August 16 12:00-15:00 and 19:00-21:00

Location: 21 de Setiembre 
Contact for advance reservation: email (pequenito.uy@gmail), phone 092 10 2727 (English, German, limited Spanish), 092 11 2727 (Japanese, English), or Facebook messenger

When the dishes are sold out we cannot provide it anymore. Only for advance reservation!

tempura corn udon pick up August 2015

If you are interested, please inform us about



Let us know in case of any questions or concerns.

Copyright © 2015 pequeñITO, All rights reserved.

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