Japanese food – especially Washoku – is healthy!

Although some people consider Japanese food as mostly sushi, there is much, much more to Japanese cuisine. The best way to describe the essence of Washoku (nature and health focused Japanese cuisine) is how to arrange a variety type of dishes around the main essence: white rice. The goal of Washoku is to combine a mouthful of rice with some other bites of vegetables, fish, tofu, meat, miso soup and pickles. Every new mouthful contains a balance of something flavorful with rice. This basic thought forces every Washoku cook to provide a balanced variety around rice (Udon or Mochi can in some cases replace steamed rice).

Below is a rather good article in Spanish that describes 10 points that let Japanese cuisine stand out as a healthy food source compared to other cuisine. Enjoy it and let us know in case of any questions!


common Japanese dish




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