Who is pequeñITO? We are a husband and wife team: Kazuo ITO and Sibylle ITO. Yes, we have chosen to have the same last name! Our different personalities, cultural upbringing, interests and professional backgrounds makes us an unbeatable team.

Kazuo ITO:  trained, certified Sushi Chef in Japan

Kazuo Ito Started off his career as a certified accountant, but realized he wanted to use his detail oriented work ethic for the art of sushi. He has been trained under the top Sushi Master in Japan: Hirai Mitsuo Sensei. For years Kazuo – called Kaz in short – had food on his mind. He was working side jobs in restaurants during high school and university, when later in life he could not resist his calling back to the food industry. Although his heart beats for a wide variety of Japanese dishes, he is looking forward to bringing Edomae Sushi (traditional sushi) to Uruguay.

Sibylle ITO: trained, certified Udon specialist in Japan

Sibylle Ito Attained Chemical Engineering degree in Switzerland, worked in R&D biotech laboratories in the same country, gained further professional experience in specialty chemicals, chemical engineering and food processing in the USA and Asia (incl. Australia, New Zealand). Having so many insights into the food industry including some food science training from Harvard, combined with 14 years of living and eating in Japan, caused a strong desire to go back to the basics and focus on healthy Japanese food, especially Udon.

Although we have started off with different careers in our life, we strongly believe that our previous professional background gives us a competitive edge: Passion and desire to provide healthy, authentic Japanese food.








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